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Sadguru Kedarji – Meditate – Witness Consciousness

MEDITATION – Happiness Is A Quiet Mind

Statistics Prove Effectiveness of Our Proprietary Meditation Method
Witness Consciousness Centering

In blind surveys and case studies conducted over the last 3.5 years in Northwest PA, our enhanced meditation method, Witness Consciousness Centering, has been proved to deliver results beyond the expectations of our students.

Vital Statistics

In surveys during public programs, and case studies, people were led into the practice of Witness Consciousness Centering without any prior discussion about meditation, what it is or what it is not. When surveyed at the end of these tests, participants were asked, “Do you feel more calm and at peace, with a quieter mind now, as compared to when you first came in the door?” 100% of those surveyed answered YES.

For these same tests, in blind surveys, 2 out of every 3 people report that:

  • While being led in our Witness Consciousness Centering meditation method, they experienced a profound sense of Peace and a silent mind, in under 3 minutes.
  • As a result of their participation in this meditation method, they experienced that they are more confident that they can access the inner strength necessary to take on life’s challenges.
  • Their sense of content and happiness increased in the 90-minutes that they attended events in which this meditation method was offered.
  • They experienced a state that they recognized to be beyond the mind, the senses and the emotions.

How often during your day is your mind silent?

How often is your mind free of anxiety, frustration and worry? Or have you come to accept that these are just a normal part of life?

How often do you experience Love and Joy in such a way that your mind becomes so quiet that you are left in a state of Awe?


Witness Consciousness Centering is our proprietary meditation method for making the restless mind quiet that has been developed by our Founder, Sadguru Kedarji. This meditation method has been proved to make the restless mind silent in under 3 minutes. For more information about our meditation intensives, go here.


The meaning of this Sanskrit word is often translated as meditation and interpreted as sitting meditation. But there is another meaning for Dhyan, the purest translation, which is ‘seat of awareness.’ And this is the true meaning of Meditation – Awareness of the Self, the Supreme Intelligence or Shiva-Shakti power, at all times.

There are many meditators who confuse the brain with the mind, and believe that it is the brain that is impacted by meditation. This is due to their own lack of spiritual or witnessing awareness, an awareness that can only be developed by going beyond the mind and beyond the senses. Until you experience Witness Consciousness, your attempts at making your restless mind quiet cannot bear permanent fruit and, instead, become just a string of glimpses that, at best, can only support the notions of duality, diversity and worldliness. For these reasons, if you want to expand your spiritual awareness, you need to understand and experience the Witness to your mind.

The Mind Is Not The Brain

It is only possible to know what the mind is by going to that place, beyond the mind and beyond the senses, to experience the witness to your mind. Otherwise you will remain confused about what the mind really is.

In laboratory tests performed on mice, rats and other animals, the animals were taught how to run a maze, from beginning to end, until they could complete the maze perfectly, over and over again. Then a team of scientists had the brains of these animals removed. Although taking longer to complete, these same animals ran and completed the maze perfectly, even though they had no brain with which to do so. Physicists have performed these tests to prove that memory does not rest in the brain, but in the mind. The brain is just a switching station for signals sent to it from elsewhere, a lump of flesh that simply processes energy and ‘data.’

The great sages of our lineage tell us that the mind is an aspect of the same highest power, Supreme Intelligence or the Self. It is a contracted form of that same energy of Divine Consciousness that is responsible for sending the signals that the brain processes to operate the organs and limbs of the body. Quantum and bio physicists are now referring to this energy as the energy field or a morphic resonance (of which the mind is a part) that is embodied in a higher Consciousness.

For centuries it has been known as the Shiva-Shakti power or just Shakti. Although the same lab tests cannot be replicated on human beings (whose going to allow their brain to be removed as a test?!), you can test this in the laboratory of your own existence, by gaining and understanding a direct experience of Witness Consciousness.

Below is the reprinted introduction to a phenomenal little book known as The Verses On Witness Consciousness, by Sadguru Kedarji. It is reprinted here to give you a taste of what is in store for you when you purchase and study this great work.



Introduction to The Verses On Witness Consciousness

I offer these verses at the lotus feet of Shri Bhagawan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri and Lord Shiva, the Guru of the Siddhas. To That Shiva-Shakti Principle be the glory.

The challenge to your experiencing permanent spiritual transformation, and the ultimate state of Liberation that follows, is that you spend your time concerning yourself with comfort and security rather than investing yourself in finding out who your really are – rather than seeking and discovering your True nature in order to cure your amnesia.

For so many lifetimes you have chased after this comfort and security, embodied in the pursuit of pleasure, in an attempt to avoid pain, in the constant search of liberty and happiness. You are always looking outside for what is not there.

My Master used to tell the story of the musk deer. The musk deer carries the wonderful scent of musk in its own navel. And yet, when it smells that scent coming from inside itself, it follows the breeze that carries the scent into the mountains, searching for where the scent is coming from, thinking it to be somewhere outside itself. It runs and runs after that scent, following the breeze up into the mountains. It runs and runs and eventually dies trying to find the source of that scent. Then the people living in the mountains cut open the musk deer and remove the musk! Until you have the true source of your happiness and peace, you are like that musk deer. So, get smart!

A restless mind cannot produce the kind of Peace, Joy, Centeredness, Groundedness and Happiness that is essential for individual well-being and the collective well- being of everyone on the planet. Holistic well-being requires a mind that is free from agitation, worry, doubt, fear, anxiety and restlessness.

Inside you there is an ocean of Peace, a wellspring of Joy and Inspiration that never runs dry. To experience this, you have to go beyond your mind and beyond your senses to That Witness to your mind and your senses.

This begins by making the mind quiet so that you can experience what we call your natural, free state of being, your True nature. So, a quiet mind is essential.

What if you could experience a silent mind and then no thoughts whatsoever, and then a wonderful experience of Peace and Joy, in under three minutes?

And what if you had a simple, daily practice in which you could maintain this experience of a silent mind, while making your mind sharper? The purpose of what is taught in this book is to give you that experience.

My Shri Gurudev has said that there are many journeys in life, but that the journey to Liberation begins with the understanding Shivo’Ham, I am Shiva, I am the Self. Without reaching for and holding this highest of understandings imparted by the sages of steady wisdom, while retracing one’s steps back to God, it is impossible to stay the course long enough to face yourself in order to root out the karmic obstacles to your Freedom and Liberation – the very obstacles that you yourself have created.

Flushing these obstacles out in order to burn away all that you are not, requires that you be tested. These tests, that are given by a living Sadguru, provide the proof of the absolute power of our approach and the practice of Witness Consciousness Centering. I offer these verses to help all seekers understand the huge benefit of practicing Witness Consciousness Centering to experience the state of the Observer, in a way that one can understand that all the aspects and expressions of Humanity actually belong to the Self, not to the false notion of individuality, not to the body.

This book will offer an introduction to our approach to The Art of Inner Transformation, emphasizing the importance of the Pure Perceiving Awareness that comes with the practice and experience of Witness Consciousness Centering, coupled with the practices of meditation, chanting, selfless service and contemplation.

I ask that, just for awhile, as you read and contemplate these verses, that you set your cynicism aside, that you set what you think you know aside, that you set your ego aside, that you set your current life experience aside so that you can contemplate these verses with an open heart and mind, ready to receive.

What we seek is beyond language. However, language is necessary to convey understandings that lead to the Truth. In a recent program one man said, “I was raised Catholic. My mother will never accept that I am God.”

So, please try not to get hung up on certain terms. They are ‘educational’ terms designed to direct your attention within. Do whatever it takes to get your feet into the water so that you can begin swimming in the ocean of your own Bliss, the Joy and Love of the true Heart. For example: If you are having trouble with the references here that you are God or the Self, then you can begin with the understanding that it is possible that you are much greater than you think you are. At the very least, I encourage you to start there, if it makes it easier for you to listen and imbibe.

May All Be Joyful,